Roof Repair

Maintaining the quality and life of your roof is our #1 priority at Armored Exteriors Inc. Centrally located in Berks County, we proudly provide our roof damage repair services to the following PA areas:
Reading, PA and surrounding areas
Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas

Our roofing teams put in a lot of effort to give you the best roofing repair service. This way, your roof gets the right care and any parts damaged by water can get fixed right up.

Roof leaks happen for many reasons. Nature plays a big role in causing damage to roofs. This includes things like wind, hail, fire, and ice. There are other reasons too, like dry rot, termites, and missing shingles. All of these might mean you need to get your roof fixed.

Whenever you need emergency help to fix a leak in your roof, our team is here for you. We’ll send someone to you quickly to take care of the problem, no matter the time or day. They’ll work fast and make sure your roof is back in good shape.

Roof Damage Repair Issues

Weather over time and in extreme events can really affect our roofs. When there’s a big gust of wind or lots of rain, it can mess up the shingles on your roof. This can expose the wood underneath and make it even worse. Plus, when water gets stuck under the shingles, the wood underneath can start to rot, and that might cause problems on the inside ceilings too as water trickles in.

Roof Leaks

Even a small leak can harm your home if you don’t take care of it. It can lead to issues like stains on your ceiling or the wood getting damaged. Locating the source of the roof leak can be tough. At Armored Exteriors, we suggest you arrange for a home roof inspection when you notice a problem. Acting early to tackle any roof issues can really help in stopping more damage from happening

Damaged Flashing

We’ve seen houses where the metal flashings around the roof are loose or even fallen off. They’re like protective water barriers. As time goes by, they can start wearing away. Calling Armored Exteriors to check it out sooner rather than later, you can stop your roof from growing mold and keep it from getting worse in bigger sections. If your flashing is messed up, the Armored Exteriors team can come and fix it, which will save you from having to pay later for large unnecessary repairs.

Avoid Low Quality Workmanship—Choose the High-Quality Work of Armored Exterior’s Instead

We hear it all the time: ‘We had “two guys and a truck” do our new roof installation and now we are left with roof damage or repairs that shouldn’t be.’ Poor workmanship on your number one asset is one of the main reasons for early roof damage, and may also result in you having to prematurely invest in a new roof. Additionally, when homeowners try to fix the issues themselves, they sometimes skip—or are unaware of—key steps to take to avoid further damage. In order to be confident in your roof replacement, trust the team that has over 4 decades of experience and is one of the leading roofing companies in the area, trust Armored Exteriors!

We often hear stories like this: “We hired a small company without much experience to install our new roof, and now we’re facing unexpected roof problems.” When the work on your most important asset isn’t done well, it’s a big reason why roofs can wear out early or worse, Leak! This might even make you spend money on a new roof before you should have to or pay for costly repairs on a new roof.

Sometimes, when homeowners try to fix things themselves, they miss important steps without realizing it, and that can make things worse. If you want to feel sure about getting a new roof, put your trust in a team that’s been in this business for over 10 years. You can trust Armored Exteriors!

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